Effective September 22, 2021

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The name of this chapter shall be “New Hampshire Building Officials Support Staff” (hereinafter referred to as “NHBOSS”) (the “Association”).

This association is dedicated to:

a)   The support and advancement of professionals engaged in the  practice,  admin- istration, and enforcement of municipal permitting procedures.

b)    Advance the standardization of this profession and engage in the administration of building, land use, and development regulations through an educational program.

c)    Promote the value and recognition of permit technicians, provide sufficient qualified personnel, establish minimum standards, and secure appropriate recognition and the proper place in the administrative organization.

d)   Apply the distinctive knowledge and skills of the permit technicians for the benefit of the community and the public.

The Association shall have membership as herein defined:

Active Member: All active code official support staff in the State of New Hampshire or  its political subdivisions, charged with specific duties related to the purpose of the  Association, shall be eligible for  active  membership,  and all  active members  in  good standing shall have  a vote in the affairs of the Association.

Inactive Member: A member not in good standing.

Retired Member: Any active member in good standing shall,  upon  retirement  from  official duty, become eligible for membership as an inactive .member, provided  however,  that  a retired member shall not have a vote.

Subscribing Member: Only such persons or  firms  as  approved  by  the  Membership Committee or Governing Board  shall  be  eligible  for  subscribing  membership,  provided however, that said member shall not have a vote.

Honorary Member: Any person meriting the gratitude or recognition of the Association may be eligible for honorary membership, provided however, that an honorary member shall not have a vote. Eligibility for honorary membership shall be voted on by the membership.

Interim Member: Any active member in good standing, who shall become temporarily  an inactive official may apply in writing  to  the  Governing  Board  for  “Interim  Membership”  for the duration of the fiscal year, provided  however,  that an interim member  shall have a  vote. No dues shall be assessed against interim members for that  period.  The Governing  Board may accept or reject the request and shall have the power  to  extend the  time period beyond the fiscal year and may waive or assess any dues for the extended time period.

Code Official Member: All active code official staff, charged with specific duties related to the purpose of the Association, shall be eligible for  membership  and  shall  have  a vote  in  the affairs of the Association. Code Official members shall be eligible and encouraged  to participate on committees, but shall not be eligible for election to any position on the Association’s Governing Board.


a)     Membership dues shall be determined by a majority vote of the Governing Board.

b)     Dues shall be paid for the calendar year. Dues can be prorated  with  the  Governing Board’s approval. If dues are not received by the  due  date,  the  member  will  be considered delinquent. A delinquent member shall be considered inactive after three (3) months.

It is the responsibility of the member to contact the Governing Board of the Association regarding any changes or additions to their status of membership classification, address, contact information, New Hampshire residency or similar matters.


For the purpose of presenting matters for discussion, an active member shall have only one vote, but shall have the option of making and seconding motions upon recognition by the presiding officer. Active members shall be entitled to participate in all meetings and discussions.

a)   A member must have joined the organization at least thirty (30) days prior to an election in order to vote or be elected to an office.

b)     A quorum for a valid vote shall be a simple majority of those eligible members in attendance for all business except for election of officers and revisions to by-laws.

c)     Election of officers and revisions of by-laws shall be conducted by written ballot. Results are determined by a simple majority of ballots received.

d)     If no names are on the ballot, nominations will be taken from the floor.

e)     Before an election or revision to the by-laws can be voted on, a thirty (30) day notice must be sent to all active members.


Section 1. Officers and Their Election

The officers of the NHBOSS shall be: President, Vice-President,  Treasurer,  Assistant Treasurer and Secretary. Any active member, in good standing with the NHBOSS and with membership for the requisite time period all as defined herein, shall  be eligible  for  any office.

Section 2. Vacancy

In the event a vacancy is created in  the  office of  the  President,  the Vice-President  shall  immediately vacate his/her office and assume the office of the President. The Governing Board shall have the authority  to  fill  any  vacated  office  with  an  interim  appointee  until a regular election is held. In the event a vacancy is created by any ot her  office or position on  the Governing Board, the  Board shall have the authority  to fill  the vacancy  until  the regular or a special election is held.

Section 3. Nomination of Officers and Governing Board members and Terms of Office

To vote for the position of Secretary for a term of two (2) years, one ( 1) or more active members may be placed on the ballot.

To vote for the position of President for a term of two (2) years, one (1) or more  active members may be placed on the ballot.

To vote for the position of Vice-President for a term of two (2) years, one (1) or more active members may be placed on the ballot.

To vote for the position of Treasurer for a term of two ( 2) years, one (1) or more active members may be placed on the ballot.

To vote for the position of Assistant Treasurer for a term of two (2) years, one (1) or more  active m embers may be placed on the ballot.

To vote for the two (2) positions of “At Large Board Member”, for a term  of  two (2)  years, one ( 1) or more active members may be placed on the ballot.

The initial ballot will have terms of one (1) year for the following positions:

Vice-president, Treasurer, one (1) At Large, t hereafter  each election  will have positions of two (2) years staggered.

Ballots will be tallied and counted by three (3) members of the Association present.

The President, or the Vice President in the absence of the President, shall  announce the ballot results and declare the election .

Notification of the election results shall be prepared by the Secretary and the results read immediately at the meeting, and published to the membership via e-mail or website.

Section 4. Officer’s Terms

The Officer may serve for no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office unless upon majority vote of the General Membership, the term limit of  two (2) terms  may  be waived. Any Officer may be eligible for re-election after standing down for one term.


Rules of Order
Parliamentary authority for the NHBOSS shall be ” Roberts Rule of Order “, Revised, latest edition, insofar as such rules of order will not conflict with the by-laws of Special Rules of Order adopted by the organization.


A committee appointed and approved by the Governing Board shall consist of three (3) or more active members. A member may serve on more than one committee per term. Each committee will have a Governing Board member to advise that committee. The Governing Board will endeavor to stagger terms of service on committees. The governing Board shall review annually all appointments to all committees and may appoint the chairpersons of the committees.

Section 1. Standing Committees Training/Education Committee

Promote training, growth and professional development within the Association by organizing educational programs and training seminars relating to the construction, planning, zoning and land use industries.

By-Law Committee

Ensure that the by-laws reflect our organization. Develop and make proposals for amendments as deemed necessary. The By-Laws Committee will submit these changes to the executive board who shall prepare the chapter to vote for any and all changes.

Newsletter/Publication & Website Committee

Design and distribute a newsletter/publication, distributed to active members and potential members to promote awareness and share valuable information. It will be the responsibility of this committee to forward a copy on the determined distribution date to the  webmaster to post on the website and to the New Hampshire Building Officials Association (“NHBOA”) Secretary. Any communication active members would like to share via the website will be reviewed by the committee prior to publication and/or posting. The webmaster of any website shall be notified of any updates.

Special Events/Annual Business Meeting Committee

Shall organize and coordinate a business meeting to be held annually. May organize and coordinate a community project event to be scheduled each year .

Annual educational scholarship(s) may be awarded through this Committee to a NHBOSS Active Member’s relative for the purpose of higher education.  Relatives shall be identified as spouse, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.  The amount of the scholarship shall be determined at the discretion of the Board.

An annual financial incentive may be awarded through this Committee to NHBOSS Active Member for the purpose of continuing education, training, testing or development in their profession. The amount of the financial incentive shall be determined at the discretion of the Board.

Applications for each of these financial awards should be submitted no later than August 1st each year to allow the incentive and scholarship to be awarded for the following fall term.

Section 2. Special Committees

The Governing Board may establish any special committee it determines necessary.

Members of Special Committees shall be composed and selected similar to the other named Committees above.

Section 3. General

Committee members may not serve on a Committee for more than four (4) consecutive years.


Section 1. General

a)   Upon assuming office, The President and Treasurer, acting together shall be empowered to honor expenditures provided for in the approved budget. All records, funds and supplies of the NHBOSS shall be immediately surrendered to the incumbent President and Treasurer.

b)    All financial matters and binding agreements shall require two ( 2) signatures, one  each  from the President and Treasurer. The Vice-President may act in the absence of the President.

c)     An office shall be declared vacant by the Governing Board if an officer is absent three (3) consecutive meetings, unless previously excused by co-board members.

Section 2. Officers

President: The President shall preside over and call all meetings to order, make approved appointments to offices, cosign all binding agreements, and perform other official duties of the President. The President shall inform members of International Code Council (“ICC”) updates provided by the ICC liaison representative.

Vice President: The Vice President’s duties include, but are not limited to, serving as President in his/her absence, assist the President in all matters deemed appropriate, and oversee all correspondence, publications, and/ or newsletters for the chapter.

Treasurer: Present the budget to the members, maintain accurate records at all times, receive and issue receipt s, deposit funds promptly in chapter account, disburse payments as required, and shall oversee the chapter roster. The Treasurer shall notify members, as membership dues are received, regarding  status  and  timeframe  of  membership.  She/he shall see that all dues are collected prior to January 31. The treasurer’s accounting  records shall be r ev iewed each year by the Governing  Board  during the  first  meeting  each  year. The Treasurer shall provide a financ ial statement at each chapter  meeting.  The Treasurer shall each year complete and forward, in a timely manner, all  government  and  state documents to the appropriate department.

Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer’s duties include but are not limited to, serving as Treasurer in his/her absence, assist the Treasurer in all matters deemed appropriate, and shall verify all funds collected at each meeting as well as help issue receipts, sign checks and maintain accurate records. If both Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer are absent, an active Board member will assist.

Secretary: The Secretary shall  maintain  a complete  and accurate  record of  all  proceedings of the organization, retain any essential  committee  records  or  other  proceedings,  as required, and shall have all such records available for each meeting.

Section 3. No person shall hold more than one elective office at the same time.


Section 1 General

The Governing Board shall consist of: five (5) elected officers with voting author ity, two (2) at large active members with voting authority, one (1) active member from the NHBOA, and the immediate past president. Four (4) or more Governing Board members shall constitute a quorum.

At Large active member: Selected from the general membership of Active Members in good standing. The maximum term served by any Active Member shall not exceed three (3) consecutive terms.

Governing Board: The Board shall have general charge of all affairs of the Association and, during the time intervening between the adjournment of one annual meeting and the opening of the next, it shall in conjunction with the President, have the  entire control of  such affairs. It shall at such time authorize and direct the contracting of all debts  and provide means of their payment, not to exceed the funds on deposit with the Treasurer. No contract, debt, other obligation or agreement shall be entered into on behalf of the Association by an officer or committee without the signature of the President and Treasurer or others as authorized by the Board; excepting such cases as are otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.

The Board shall perform all such other duties as are required of it by these By-Laws.

Section 2: Damages

No director or office of the Association shall be liable to the Association or its members for monetary damages for breach of fiduciary duty as a director or an officer except  with respect to:

a.     Any breach of the director’s or officer’s duty of loyal y to the Association or its members;

b.     Acts or omissions  which are not  in good faith or which involve  intentional  misconduct or a knowing violation of law;

c.     Any transaction from which the director, officer, or both, derived an improper personal benefit.

If under New Hampshire law, a  voluntary  association  may  exempt  directors  and  officers from additional liability than that  set  forth  above,  the  directors  and  officers  of  the association shall be so exempted.


Section 1.

Amendments of these By-laws may be proposed by the By-law Committee. Amendments may also be presented to the By-Law Committee by petition of at least 6 active members. These proposals shall be transmitted to the Governing Board who shall prepare a written ballot. Notice of the proposed amendment(s) to the by-laws shall be sent to active members and code officials, thirty (30) days prior to the next scheduled m eeting , at which there shall be a reading of the proposal(s) and to indicate that a vote will be taken at the following scheduled meeting.

Section 2.

Any proposed amendments shall require a 2/3 majority  vote  of the active members  present for adoption.


No part of the net earnings, if any, of this Association shall benefit  any  member  and no gain , profit or dividends shall ever be distributed to any of the members of this Association or to the benefit of any private persons except a fund, foundation or corporation organized and operating for charitable, scientific, literary, educational purposes, or legal defense.


In the event this Association would dissolve, all  funds  shall  be  donated  to  the  New Hampshire Building Officials Association (NHBOA), a Chapter  of  the  International  Code Council (ICC) or its successor. If NHBOA is no longer active, funds will be donated to the International Code Council (ICC) or its successor. All records shall be sent to the  NHBOA or ICC or their successors as necessary.

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